Kew Gardens In the 1980’s l was a seed collector for Kew – Wakehurst Place, in Sulawesi, California and France
REGUA reserve, Brazil
I am a Trustee of this rainforest charity . Check out their website for a wonderful place to stay and walk their trails
Buglife – The Invertebrate Conservation Trust — I was a Trustee for two terms.

The Royal Entomological Society (RES)
I served on the Committee
Mark Cooper, one of the finest Chartered Landscape Architects at http//

Mantel Farm Shop, Henley’s Down, Battle, E. Sussex. 01424 830357

Quiz answers:

Question Answers
1.   Hymenoptera
2.   Thin waist
3.   2004
4 2016
5 2016  Tetbury, Gloucs
6.   Seven:  Lancs (ex Lincs), Cornwall, Yorks (Hull), Surrey, Hants, Kent
8.   September
9.   Yes
10. Vespa velutina
11. Velvety
12. 2    Embryo and Aerial
13. 1800 females (plus 1800 males if food (bees) available)
14. Blackness
15. 6000 by Sept
16. No natural predators
17. 6mm
18. 8mm
19. Yes
20. Yes