Dr John Feltwell


PRO-BONO WORK Biodiversity Audits have been carried out for the following parishes: Catsfield and Crowhurst, East Sussex.

Free initial advice is available for other parishes, otherwise commissions undertaken (contact john@wildlifematters.com)

CATSFIELD, East Sussex – Biodiversity Audit

The CATSFIELD Biodiversity Audit is on its second iteration, dated 4 Nov 2022 (113 pp), and can be found at the following link:
The CROWHURST Biodiversity Audit is on its second iteration, dated 17 December 2021 (132pp) and can be found at the following link:C:/Users/John/Desktop/CROWHURST%20DOCS%20inc.%20LINK/WM1343%20CROWHURST%20BIO%20AUDIT%20BIO%20AUDIT%20BIO%20AUDIT%20BIO%20AUDIT%20BIO%20AUDIT%20xxxxx/WM1343%20CROWHURST%20BIO%20AUDIT%2017%20Dec%2021.pdf


Natural Habitats: Ancient Meadows, Ancient Woodlands, Hedgerows, Ponds, Streams, Sandstone Outcrops, Medieval Field Systems, SSSIs, AONB, TPOs and special for Crowhurst: Fore Wood RSPB, Quarry Wood, and the Link Road impact; special for Catsfield: Wylands ..

Flora and Fauna: Angiosperms, Fungi, Ferns, Avifauna, Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates

Special sub-reports: Farms and their influence on nature; Dark Skies report, CAVAT report, ASH report, Allocated (housing sites), NET LOSSES